Success Stories

Industry – IT

The Client: A Young IT Product Development & Support Company

Aligning With Challenges & Aspirations: A young IT product company was growing at a rapid pace. The size of the team had doubled in a short span. This compelled the management to rework on the organization structure and train the young team to take up the leadership role in the growing team. Some of the challenges that management noticed was resistant to the new changes among the members. This resulted in lack of collaboration and poor culture. The management wanted to address these issues in addition to preparing the young team to lead.

The Design: The LI team conducted several 1-1 discussions with Senior Management and HR team to understand the company values, culture and aspirations. This made the LI team align themselves with the company’s culture and its aspirations. The team designed the intervention which involved assessments to discover personal strengths and understand others. The team learned the process of leading change using practical tools. Many exercises were designed for them to master conversations that would thrust energy in their teams to collaborate and give them the expected results.

All 55+ participants found the workshop to be highly impactful. They testified that the program was one of the best and had a very deep impact on them both personally and professionally. 

Industry – IT

The Client: A Fast growing IT Company

Aligning With Challenges & Aspirations: A fast growing IT company wanted their 125 homegrown Leaders to be up skilled in their leadership skills. With the fast growth in the organization, the leaders were required to be groomed on handling tough conversations, team dynamics, synergy with other departments, and accountability among their team members. 

The Design: The LI team conducted a special survey and focus group discussions to identify the specific challenges among the participants. These inputs helped the team design and implement a long-term program using blended approach. A 6 month intervention was conducted across multiple locations in India. It included classroom training followed by individual and group assignments. A very unique approach to conduct Expert talks from various Industry leaders for each of the modules was introduced. These talks were enriching and insightful for the participants and helped them see the need for change. The training helped participants with practical tools to enhance their leadership role. The client and the participants rated this program 4.8 on a scale of 5. 

Industry – Finance

The Client: A leading Microfinance company in India.

Aligning With Challenges & Aspirations: The leading microfinance company wanted to build a pool of high-performers to take up next level roles in the organization. To facilitate this process they introduced an annual activity of identifying high performers with strong business acumen, willingness to lead a team and those who were flexible to lead the change in the organization. This was followed by assessing the high performers on various competencies using different tools and then prepare them for the next level roles.

The Design: LI team worked closely with the business leaders, HR Leaders and the SMEs of the organization to design the tools to assess the high performers. The LI team created 5 tools to assess the competencies. These tools were administered during the 4 day assessment and development centre to identify the top talent in the organization.  A customized personal developmental plan was also created for each participant.  This was reviewed at regular intervals.

After the success of the first program, the organization has decided to facilitate this intervention annually.

Industry – IT

The Client: An IT Product Company

Aligning With Challenges & Aspirations: The IT product company had identified an internal team that could represent India at an International Conference to pitch their business and product ideas to their Old and New customers. To fulfill this aspiration, the team required to have highly impactful presentation skills.

The Design: The two key factors in the intervention were Mindset and Preparation. The LI team designed a 2-day customized training program followed by multiple 1-1 coaching sessions with each team member. In this 45 day program, various tools were developed and implemented for the team members. This boosted their confidence greatly and also resulted in positive performance of the team members at the international conference.

The organization greatly appreciated the creative tools and commitment of LI team in this program. 

Industry – Entertainment Industry

The Client: A popular Entertainment company 

Aligning With Challenges & Aspirations: The Creative team of the company worked in a competitive environment where they were challenged everyday to develop fresh ideas. On one hand the challenge was limited ideas and on the other hand the company aspired to become No.1 Channel in their segment.

The Design: A 2- Day Creativity workshop was designed and delivered. The LI team collaborated with the Leadership team to identify 6 exclusive tools of creative thinking that could help them bring a paradigm shift in their process of thinking. The workshop helped them generate practical ideas and the participants were able to generate 24 unique ideas during the workshop itself.

Industry – IT

The Client: An IT Analytics Company

Aligning With Challenges & Aspirations: The company had talented pool of professionals who delivered consistent results. However, the Leadership team identified that the team was missing opportunities because of lack of communication skills. Some of the challenges were in articulating their ideas and communicating them appropriately to the internal and external stake holders including the customers.

The Design: As a first step, LI team conducted a series of assessments to understand the specific challenges. This was followed by assessing individuals on various aspects of communication. A customized training plan was designed to address all areas of communication like speaking, writing, presenting. A post assessment indicated that the training not only boosted their confidence but also improved communication skills.


The Client: A Leading Pharma Company 

Aligning With Challenges & Aspirations: The Leading Pharma company had identified highly skilled team members who were to be promoted as Managers. This also required the team to shift their mindset from being Individual Contributors to Project Managers. Their growth and success was dependent on their Team’s performance.

The Design: The LI team closely worked with the Senior Management team and HR team to have a holistic view of their new role and their aspirations. An experiential learning approach was adopted to drive across the need for change in mindset. They were also equipped with practical tools that could help them execute the required skill set to lead their teams.