Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Leading With Emotional Intelligence


In the increasingly fast-paced, complex and growth oriented workplace, coaching has become a must have skill for all the managers and leaders. In the last decade, the role of managers has changed significantly. We have 3 different generations working with varied levels of expectations and managers are expected to motivate everyone to outperform.

If managers are finding it challenging to manage the performance of their team member, or if they are struggling to manage a diverse workforce with diverse expectations and finally, if they are unable to hold the team accountable then our program “Coaching skills for managers” will help your manager bridge all of these gaps.

What Will You Learn?
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    Coaching Principles
    Core Coaching competences
    Coaching Mindset
    Types Of Coaching & Situations
    Models Of Coaching
    Coaching Skills
    Context Creation
    Setting Goals
    Formulating Questions
    Conversational Mastery
    Knowing your coachee and their drivers
    Giving Feedback
    Bridging The GAP
    Follow-Up & Accountability

    Communication Development

    Career Development

    Outcome: Why Should You Attend?

    The experiential journey helps the participants enhance their ability to coach their team members effectively. Some of the outcomes of the workshop are:

    Creating a coaching culture
    Create a high performing team
    Identify and eliminate performance barriers
    Offer feedback and bridge performance gaps
    Handle performance issues with accountability

    Leadership Development

    Our Methodology

    Blending Learning Approach is followed all through the workshop. Instructor lead discussions, case-studies, audio/ video lessons, games are some of the tools that are used during the training program.

    Who Should Attend?

    This program is designed for new managers who aspire to scale their managerial potential to the next level. 

    Team leads, new managers, potential managers, vice presidents, business Unit leads are some of the participants of our past workshops.