First Time Manager

First Time Manager Program


Transitioning from individual contributor to a manager is a significant step in every employee’s career. Most manages are not prepared to take the new challenge. This leads them to making mistakes which can be avoided by preparing them in advance. Post this appraisal, as you get ready to promote your employees as managers, we are here to support them through this smooth transition!

Our “First Time Manager” intervention is well researched and delivered with world class content. The program is designed by our experts who bring with them a combined experience of over 6 decades. Our diverse experience allows us to bring you this unique program with flexibility to customize, as per your company/ industry. The program ensures you see the desired transformation in your new managers.

What Will You Learn?
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    Management Principles
    Transition from Individual Contributor To Manager
    Qualities Of A Successful Managers
    Personal Style Of Management
    Enhancing Personal Effectiveness
    Building Your Executive Presence
    Leading Time Effectively
    Delegation - Doing It Right
    Running Effective Meetings
    Leading Teams
    Knowing your team
    Building Collaborative Team Culture
    Handling Conflicts
    Mastering Performance Conversations
    Leading Teams Virtually
    Being Change Catalyst
    Leading Change
    Building Diversity & Inclusion at workplace

    Communication Development

    Career Development

    Outcome: Why Should You Attend?

    The experiential journey helps the participants enhance their ability to adapt to the new role and lead teams effectively. Some of the outcomes of the workshop are:

    Adapt quickly into the new role of manager
    Develop a personal productivity model for Personal Success
    Learn to communicate efficiently with others
    Learn to build and establish rapport with others
    Learn To Influence teams
    Learn to lead the team with diverse background

    Leadership Development

    Our Methodology

    Blending Learning Approach is followed all through the workshop. Instructor lead discussions, case-studies, audio/ video lessons, games are some of the tools that are used during the training program.

    Who Should Attend?

    This program is designed for new managers who aspire to scale their managerial potential to the next level.

    Team leads, new managers, potential managers, Business Unit leads are some of the participants of our past workshops.