Executive Presence

Executive Presence


There are many leaders who inspire everyone with their presence. We call them charismatic leaders. These leaders display several qualities that influence us. They are authentic, demonstrate high level of confidence (even during adversity) and are emotionally intelligent. In addition to these qualities they also carry themselves well. Their appearance, body language and ability to connect make them creates all the difference. Leaders with strong executive presence demonstrate most of these.

If leaders start assessing themselves on these qualities they would know about their executive presence.

Some leaders naturally demonstrate these qualities while many leaders learn about enhancing their executive presence. 

During our Executive presence, we work with leaders to find a balance between their internal qualities and external appearance. This helps them stand out. This powerful actionable workshop is designed with many fun and thought provoking activities.

What Will You Learn?
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    Being You Authentic Self
    Identify your core values
    Developing Courage & Competence
    Finding your unique power
    Being A Personal Brand
    What makes you “YOU”
    Mastering your body language
    Using Power Words
    5 Power Positions
    Building A Positive Mindset
    Investing In Emotional Intelligence
    Turning adversity to opportunity
    Power Of Speaking Up
    Why speaking up?
    Creating Charismatic Presence

    Communication Development

    Career Development

    Outcome: Why Should You Attend?

    The experiential journey helps the participants enhance their executive presence.  Some of the outcomes of the workshop are:

    Influence stakeholders to take faster and better decisions.
    Gain trust and turn your team members into followers
    Building rapport and display emotional intelligence to connect with teams
    Building courage to speak-up and practice being assertive
    Build charisma to influence and create positive impact

    Leadership Development

    Our Methodology

    Blending Learning Approach is followed all through the workshop. Instructor lead discussions, case-studies, audio/ video lessons, games are some of the tools that are used during the training program.

    Who Should Attend?

    This program is designed for leaders who want to stand out and build their executive presence.

    Some of the participants of our past workshops were Senior Managers, Vice-President, General Managers, Human Resource Head, Finance Head, and Business Unit Head.