Customer Centric Communication

Customer Centric Communication


Customers are the heart of every organization growth. In the modern and highly competitive workplace, one of the key differentiator is the customer experience the organization can create. The cost of handling customers poorly can be extremely high and no organizations that achieve great success takes customer centric communication lightly. Delighting your customers with great communication is when you listen to your customers more attentively, think more empathetically, and be solution centric in all your communication.

Our customer centric communication program is designed for employees to grow in their career by developing customer centric mindset and empathy towards their clients. This helps participants develop the required skills and attitude to grow in their overall career.

This program is designed to keeping in mind the needs of the customers, the challenges that they face and the mode of communication that can adapted to fulfill customer needs.

What Will You Learn?
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    Customer Centric Mindset
    Knowing and understanding the customer needs
    The parameters to create customers Delight
    Different types of customer behaviors
    Building the Relationships Quotient (RQ)
    Elements of High RQ
    RQ and impact on customer relationships
    Trust and delight using RQ
    Communication –The Key
    Empathetic Listening
    Asking questions & Interpreting responses
    Mastering the tools for better communication
    Game Of Influence
    Dealing with perceptions
    Mastering emotions while negotiating
    Dealing with various behavioral styles and preferences

    Communication Development

    Career Development

    Outcome: Why Should You Attend?

    Customer delight is a key skill for career growth. The experiential training helps the participants gain insights on how to communicate more effectively with customers. Some of the outcomes of the workshop are:

    Understand the types of customers and their preferences
    Dealing with tough customers
    Master the art of listening and skillfully handle customer communication
    Communication strategies for various situations
    Use solution centric approach to create customer delight.

    Leadership Development

    Our Methodology

    Blending Learning Approach is followed all through the workshop. Instructor lead discussions, assessments, case-studies, audio/ video lessons, games are some of the tools that are used during the training program.

    Who Should Attend?

    This program is designed for individuals who interact with internal/external customers and develop the skill to handle them effortlessly.

    Some of our past participants were, new hires, senior associates, team leads, managers, sales teams, business leads, client success consultants  are some of the participants of our past workshops.