Accountability and Ownership

Accountability and Ownership


To build credibility and an environment of trust around you at workplace, you must deliver consistent results. Not only that but you must also take 100% ownership of every result that you deliver. When you demonstrate accountability and ownership you are looked up in the teams and are given more opportunity. On the contrary, when someone doesn’t display these traits of being accountable towards their work and take ownership of the results, they create unhealthy work culture which eventually leads to poor performance of a team.

A lot of times it gets difficult to hold someone accountable and ask them to take the ownership of their tasks. This leads to further conflicts.

Our Accountability and Ownership program is designed for individuals to understand the key aspects of taking ownership and accountability for their career success.

What Will You Learn?
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    Why Accountability and Ownership
    Need for accountability & Ownership
    Impact of Accountability on Self & Organization
    Identify what obstructs Accountability & Ownership
    Bridging The Accountability Gap
    Identifying the GAP between expected and current accountability
    How to bridge the accountability GAP
    Developing Accountability Culture
    The accountability culture framework
    How to promote culture of accountable in teams and with self
    Providing feedback
    Five-Levels Of Accountability and Ownership
    The five levels of accountability
    How to move from level 1 to level 5

    Communication Development

    Career Development

    Outcome: Why Should You Attend?

    The experiential journey helps the participants enhance their ability to be more accountable and take ownership of their tasks. This creates opportunities to boost their career to the next level. Some of the outcomes of the workshop are:

    Identify and overcome non-productive behaviors that stop you from being more accountable to work
    Build a culture of commitment and ownership to build great teams and organizations.
    Create motivating cues to develop ownership
    Identify different levels of accountable behaviors and correct them as necessary

    Leadership Development

    Our Methodology

    Blending Learning Approach is followed all through the workshop. Instructor lead discussions, assessments, case-studies, audio/ video lessons, games are some of the tools that are used during the training program.

    Who Should Attend?

    This program is designed for individuals who are finding it challenging to be accountable and take 100% ownership of their results.

    Some of our past participants were, new hires, individual contributors, senior associates, new managers, sales teams, business heads, etc